Support Ukraine

Ukrainian people are suffering the devastation of war.

They need our prayers and support, now and into the future.

On February 24th 2022, a full scale invasion of Ukraine was launched by Vladimir Putin of Russia.

War brings death, destruction, displacement, and every category of suffering with it.

Over 40 million Ukrainians are suffering the crushing effects of war.

Children are experiencing life-altering trauma.

Many families are being separated from the ones they love. Entire cities are going underground numerous times each day and night to seek cover from seemingly endless shelling and bombing.

Guidelight’s international ministry started in Ukraine in 2012 and has grown deep roots among her people.

We have loved and served her people with the gospel for ten years. We will continue to serve, support, and provide biblical encouragement in Ukraine. .

We stand with the Ukrainian people.

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Prayer Support

We can all pray and intercede for the Ukrainian people.

Of course we pray for peace and resolution, but we can pray in other ways as well.

Pray for Ukraine’s 7 million children living through war.

Pray for the over 4 million refugees who have fled Ukraine.

Pray for the thousands of children and adults residing in institutions to have their basic needs met.

Pray for peace for families who have children with special needs.

Pray for protection of the elderly who may not have the strength or mobility to respond to every air raid siren or access to needed medication.

Pray for the Ukrainians who have lost loved ones and family members.

Pray for peace in the hearts of believers.

Pray for the church in Ukraine to advance the Gospel light in the darkness of war.

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Physical Support

There are ways to support currently, though the situation on the ground is quite complex.

All practical needs will be determined through local ministry partners and churches in Ukraine.

At this time we will focus on the following needs:


Medicine & Medical Supplies


Transport or movement of people & foods

Particular focus will be on families and individuals with special needs, as well as orphan institutions lacking adequate caregiving supplies.

We will continue to be committed to the long-term, gospel-centered support of Ukraine.

Statement on the fluidity of the situation and our response

We have been working hard to ascertain accurate details and information on the people involved in our ministries. The difficulty of these days are compounded by the fluidity of this crisis. This is a complex event, one with many layers we must consider. Though the media has been able to capture some of the atrocities of this invasion, it has not captured the sheer magnitude of destruction to life, home, and even whole villages.

This information has been reported first-hand to Guidelight staff as people in the war zone communicate the tragic news.

The current events are still unstable and are likely to unexpectedly change hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. As the situation continues to unfold we will have a better understanding of the best ways to deploy our resources. At this point in time our main concerns are with the people on the ground, still in harm’s way. Currently, we are offering spiritual and relational care, coordinating movements, and assessing current needs in order to meet the most urgent.

Due to the depth of the cyber monitoring we are carefully navigating all of this communication in a way that protects the security of our dear friends. We are confident as the days unfold we will have a much clearer picture of the immensity of this crisis and the response that is needed. As needs are revealed and ministry opportunities continue to develop, we will strive to keep you as informed as possible, so you can know how best to partner with us in this work.

Support Ukraine

100% of donations to the “SUPPORT UKRAINE” fund will be used to provide for the essential needs and ongoing, gospel-centered support of the Ukrainian people as they endure the war and rebuild their country.

Guidelight works with like-minded, gospel-centered partners and churches in Ukraine to accomplish the mission.

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Our mission is the pursuit of Christ-centered transformation in the lives of those experiencing disability. We do this through proclaiming biblical truth and providing essential resources. We are a gospel-centered ministry.

Thank you for partnering with us to respond to the immediate crisis in Ukraine and in the longer term rebuilding of Ukrainian lives.