Guidelight (formerly The Elisha Foundation, TEF) training utilizes the latest research-based techniques and our team’s extensive experience on how to serve people with varying disabilities, with a foundation rooted deeply in Christ. Please take the time to proceed through the training in chronological order, utilizing the simple study guides provided below each video.

This training video series is free of charge as the opportunity to help people serve those with special needs and to learn what the Bible says about disability. Please share it with others!

We are currently making plans for Chinese and Russian language translations. If you find the training helpful and would like to help Guidelight further advance this training, please consider making a donation.

Thank you for your interest in serving people with special needs! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to inquire further about how you might serve those impacted by disability.


Section 1: Individual Strategies and Tools

Section 2: Church-Wide Strategies and Tools