Guidelight seeks to equip indigenous peoples, churches, and missionaries for effective work among those with disabilities in their communities—both orphans and families. We currently have programming in Eastern Europe and are developing in Southeast Asia.


In some places around the world, disability is stigmatized and people with disabilities, along with their caregivers, live insular and isolated lives. Basic education, therapies, or interventions are simply not afforded to many of these precious children and adults.

We provide a biblical framework on disability and practical training of working with disabilities to empower others to serve their disabled population more effectively.


Guidelight identifies strategies and methods to serve those with special needs in practical and life-changing ways through local churches and community outreach. Serving families, creating community, and reaching out to orphans with disabilities is our focus.

Overseas partnerships allow Guidelight to access countries and work with small teams of volunteer specialists with varying skill sets — doctors, dentists, physical therapists, special educators, etc. The goal is to build small but productive inroads to a country and train the indigenous peoples to carry on the work.

Additionally, there’s a shortage of disability-specific resources throughout the non-Western world. Developing, translating, and distributing these resources in printed form, video, or audio format allows Guidelight to provide lasting and much-needed resources to caregivers around the world.