Leaders Helping Leaders

How can we better love and serve those living with disability, welcoming them into our churches, our homes, our lives? How can we, the Body of Christ, truly be the hands, heart, and feet of Christ, to reach out to those living with disability who often feel isolated and forgotten, and help them discover and experience the good news of Christ’s Kingdom?

Guidelight Connect is a space for leaders to gather together, encourage one another, and share joys and struggles as we strive to more faithfully reach out to those living with disability. Our prayer is that as we connect, the Body of Christ will be built up in love as each unique member is valued and cherished. We desire to see everyone using their God-given gifts for the health of Christ’s church and the glory of God. All are welcome and all are needed.

Our goal is simply to learn from each other by sharing insights from God’s Word, collaborating on best practices and helpful resources, and growing in grace to better love and serve. Within our varied local churches and contexts, we hope to cultivate communities of weakness and welcome where those of all abilities are valued and honored. Please join us as we work together to strengthen and encourage one another with the grace that God so richly provides.