Articles on Disability

Our team of guest speakers for TEF Retreats not only provide exceptional teaching and encouragement at events, they also write well on the topic of disability. We will post their articles, along with other writings, as they are made available. Our hope is that you find these helpful in better understanding disability in light of the Bible but also the practical implications for the Church’s role in providing shepherding and caring for those with special needs.

Article: “The Most Marginalized Minority”

Sean Harrelson is a husband and a father of four. He serves as Pastor-Teacher of Crossway Fellowship in Lynnwood, Washington.

Article:Disability Makes a Church Strong

Anthony Kidd is the preaching pastor at Community of Faith Bible Church in South Gate, California. He and his wife, Sherry, have five children.

Article:God Has a Heart for the Vulnerable. Do You?

Paul Martin is the senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. He has been married to Susan for more than twenty-five years and loves to spend time with her and their four children. They’re son William has special needs.

Article:United Through Disability: Spanning Our Divisions of Race, Culture, and Class

Article:How to Serve Families with Disability

John Knight is Director of Donor Partnerships at Desiring God. He is married to Dianne, and together they parent their four children: Paul, Hannah, Daniel, and Johnny. Paul lives with multiple disabilities including blindness, autism, cognitive impairments, and a seizure disorder. John writes on disability, the Bible, and the church at The Works of God.

Article: Disability and Dads — Where Desperation Meets Delight

Greg Lucas is a police officer in West Virginia, a graduate of Boyce college, and a Bible teacher and advisor for The Elisha Foundation, which encourages families experiencing disability toward a more intimate faith in Christ. He is also the author of Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disability, and the Lessons of Grace. Greg and his wife, Kimberly Ann, have four children.